Meet the Director

Welcome Everyone!

My name is Sheila Allen.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to direct the new Knoxville 2 Chapter of Catholic Schoolhouse.  The Knoxville Catholic Schoolhouse (CSH) community has been tremendously blessed with an abundance of homeschooling families over the last several years.  We are thrilled to be given the chance to expand and add a second chapter!

My husband Nicholas and I have 4 children, whom we have been classically homeschooling since 2015.  There is so much that we love about classical homeschool education and Catholic Schoolhouse!  Being able to teach the same material across all ages allows us to learn as a family.  Our children are able to learn a variety of information across 10 subjects (Religion, Music, Art, Math, Science, Latin, Language Arts, History, Geography, Timeline), that will allow them to grow and continue to build upon, from kindergarten, all the way through high school. With all of this, we get to integrate our Catholic faith into our daily studies helping our family grow in faith together.

Catholic Schoolhouse provides a wonderful supplemental program to any curriculum that you have chosen for your family.  At the St. Scholastica Co-op, children get the opportunity to socialize and learn in a structured environment, based in our Catholic faith.  They will learn classroom etiquette, develop presentation skills, participate in hands on science experiments and art projects, explore together on quarterly field trips and much more!

We hope you join us soon!  


Sheila Allen, St. Scholastica Co-op Director